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Grandmother´s Valley in Ratibořice

Chateau Ratibořice
Grandmother´s Valley, where she spent her childhoodBožena Němcová and where she situated the story of her most famous novel. The valley is one of the most visited places in all of Eastern Bohemia. Part of this National Natural Monument is the beautiful memorial of the Grandma and children,the renowned wooden log cottage Old Bleaching Ground, a modern empire chateau or for example Viktorka´s Weir.
Visit Grandmother´s Valley in Ratibořice and find out, where Barunka lived with her grandma, unhappy Viktorka and their dogs Sultán and Tyrl.
If you go on a trip to learn about the region of Božena Němcová´s Grandmother, do not forget to also stop in her museum in Česká Skalice, the oldest literary museum in the country. Apart from the exposition devoted solely to this popular female writer you can enjoy the exhibition about the history of the town or the Austro-Prussian War.
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