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Sledding for children next to the guest house

Sledding for children next to the guest house
Sledding is great fun for both children and adult. In our family guest house, we also keep in mind that there are guests coming to spend their winter vacation in the Giant Mountains with their children. We have adapted the slope next to our guest house for you and built a small sledding lane.
So now you do not need to go far to be able to play with your children in the snow. If you do not have your own sled, you can borrow one from the nearby ski rental in Janské Lázně.
If you are more demanding sledders, visit the the renowned sledding lane along Zvonková way, which is more than 3 kilometres long, in Černé hora.
Combine sledding and an amazing experience and go up to Černá hora by cableway. The exciting ride on your sled down the Černá hora mountainside can be enjoyed completely for free, everyday from 8.00 to 17.00.

Sledding for both children and adults

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