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Janské Lázně – a town rich in experiences

Janské Lázně
Janské Lázně evolved to become one of the most popular tourist sites in the eastern Krkonoše Mountains. The town has become a centre for sport, entertainment and spa. Come to spend an unforgettable winter or summer holiday in this picturesque mountain town.

Winter and summer sports

 Janské Lázně is a place to be especially for those who love nature and active holidays . Each year the town welcomes thousands of enthusiastic skiers, cyclists and hikers who return home with unforgettable memories of our highest mountains.

Downhill and cross-country skiing

Janské Lázně is one of the second best-rated ski resorts  in the country. It draws visitors with its modern ski lifts and  well-maintained cross-country and downhill ski trails. Moreover, Černá hora in the Krkonoše Mountains prides itself on the longest ski trail in the Czech mountains.

Cycling and hiking tours

This famous spa town is situated in the foothills of Černá hora, connected by a modern lift cableway. Janské Lázně has become a popular tourist destination especially in the  summer, since it offers a variety of maintained hiking and  biking trails in the  surroundings and  a lot of other sporting recreation.

Colourful spa life

Janské Lázně is the only spa on the Czech side of Krkonoše Mountains. The atmosphere of the city endowed with warm, mildly radioactive mineral springs attracts thousands of Czech and foreign tourists who come to visit throughout the year. Above all the town rose to fame as a result of its successful treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Thanks to the high-quality resting environment, Janské Lázně is also sought after by families with children and senior citizens.
Visit Janské Lázně in the eastern part of the Krkonoše Mountains, sample the local healing springs and stroll through the Art Nouveau spa colonnade. If you are a lover of active holidays, then Janské Lázně is the perfect place for you to spend anexciting vacation and  recharge your batteries.

Janské Lázně in pictures

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